Angela & Bryan's Grounds for Sculpture Engagement

I grew up in Southern New Jersey, and yet had somehow never gone to the Hamilton Grounds for Sculpture. I was so excited when Bryan and Angela wanted to do their engagement photos at this unique and fun location! After photographing their proposal at the Camden Aquarium a couple of months ago, I've been so excited for this shoot! We had a blast exploring and taking photos, and laughing...a lot. Angela and Bryan are such an amazingly fun couple with the greatest sense of humor; they literally had me laughing and smiling the entire shoot. :) 

Is Angela's rose gold engagement ring not jaw-droppingly stunning?! Good job, Bryan! ;)

I can't get over her gorgeous dress either! Isn't that color so dreamy?

And when your couple asks if they can do an 80s fist pump, the answer is always yes! ;) They literally climbed up this hill through the bushes (Angela in her heels!) to get this shot. I have the best clients ever.