Sigma Delta Tau, Gamma Xi Chapter Photos

"Sisters are the ones who wipe your tears when you cry, but make you laugh so hard that you start crying all over again." - Amy Randazzo, Gamma Xi Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau

I recently had the amazing opportunity to shoot chapter photos for Montclair State University's Sigma Delta Tau sorority. My younger sister, Megan, is the recruitment chair for SDT and when she asked me to do this photo shoot I was totally psyched! I have taken head shots and some other photos for them before, and always have a blast with these girls! 

When I showed up to the photo shoot, I was literally blown away by all the incredible work Megan did to make this shoot happen. From the carefully crafted props and outfit coordination, to detailed timeline, and delicious donuts, every aspect of this shoot was swoon-worthy! 

Without further ado, I'm so excited to finally share a preview of this shoot on the blog!

But really, isn't this set up so adorable!?

Angela & Bryan's Grounds for Sculpture Engagement

I grew up in Southern New Jersey, and yet had somehow never gone to the Hamilton Grounds for Sculpture. I was so excited when Bryan and Angela wanted to do their engagement photos at this unique and fun location! After photographing their proposal at the Camden Aquarium a couple of months ago, I've been so excited for this shoot! We had a blast exploring and taking photos, and laughing...a lot. Angela and Bryan are such an amazingly fun couple with the greatest sense of humor; they literally had me laughing and smiling the entire shoot. :) 

Is Angela's rose gold engagement ring not jaw-droppingly stunning?! Good job, Bryan! ;)

I can't get over her gorgeous dress either! Isn't that color so dreamy?

And when your couple asks if they can do an 80s fist pump, the answer is always yes! ;) They literally climbed up this hill through the bushes (Angela in her heels!) to get this shot. I have the best clients ever.

Amanda & Josh's Dreamy Orlando Engagement

Growing up with four sisters I always dreamed of their wedding days as much as my own. My sister Amanda is the oldest and first to get engaged...needless to say I was over the moon when she asked me to take her and Josh's engagement photos!  Not only did I get to take a trip down to Orlando to visit them in their new place, but I got to spend time with them exploring the area and taking photos....followed by some wine and a Law and Order SVU marathon. 

Amanda and Josh met in Bonaire (I was there!) while on scuba diving trips (my family is big on diving and Josh make the trip each year with a group of divers) that happened to be staying at the same hotel. Amanda and Josh quickly became inseparable. After spending some quality time with Josh during my trip to Orlando it's easy to see why. Amanda may be my oldest sister, but you probably wouldn't know it! Amanda is the sister that will dance with me in the grocery store when a great oldies song comes on, blast strange songs at stoplights with the windows down just for fun, and of course instigate the annual birthday ice cream cake fight with dad. She definitely met her match with Josh, who I'm proud to say bonded with me over Sponge Bob references. The two of them together are so contagiously fun-loving. I spent the entire day laughing and smiling along with them. 

Dodging bouts of typical Florida torrential downpours we spent some time at the gorgeous Leu Gardens and then ventured over to Winter Park just in time for a little "Notebook"-style fun. ;)

There was this pink horse at Leu Gardens, which we all thought would be funny for Amanda to pretend it was a real horse....I'd say she's pretty convincing....

I am tempted to move south JUST for the Spanish Moss! I think I'm a little obsessed - so beautiful!

And to Winter Park!

Eat your heart out, Nicholas Sparks! ;)

And since I knew Amanda would never turn down the opportunity to jump in a fountain...if you can't beat the rain...join it? Right!?

I'm so happy for Amanda and Josh, and beyond excited to shoot their wedding in February, while also being IN the wedding - a new challenge that I'm totally up for! CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful sister and my soon-to-be brother! I love you guys! It was so special to photograph your engagement!

Emily & Steve's Timeless NJ Wedding

Emily and Steve's wedding day was nothing short of magical. With goosebumps, teary eyes, and cheeks sore from smiling, I truly loved every second of photographing their day.

Their wedding took place at Windows on the Water at Frogbridge in South Jersey (which has the most incredible willow trees ever!) Here are just a few of my (many) favorite parts...Their vows were some of the sweetest I've heard. Steve wrote his vows to Emily in the form of a letter, like the many he had written to her while on his cross country road trip at the beginning of their relationship. It was so beautifully written and heartfelt, that the emotion just flooded over the whole ceremony (me included!). Emily's Maid of Honor, was her younger sister Laura, who deserves a "Maid of Honor of the Year Award" for everything she did to make this wedding incredibly special! Her speech was phenomenal and so moving - it totally reminded me of my own younger sister. And of course photographing these two was my absolutely favorite. Their love is totally infectious, radiating so much joy that you can't help but smiling when you see them together. I know they'll havean incredible marriage filled with love and adventures for so many years to come. Congratulations Emily and Steve!!!

Loved this group of bridesmaids and their adorable robes!!

Emily, oh my word, you are so incredibly gorgeous!

Such a sweet first look!

And not to mention their bridal party was SO much fun! :)

And as if they weren't already too cute to handle, Emily and Steve have the coordinates of where they met engraved inside their wedding bands!


VENUE | Windows on the Water at Frogbridge
DRESS SHOP | Exquisite Bride, Princeton, NJ
FLORIST | Dahlia Florals, Pennington, NJ
CAKE | Palermo's Custom Cakes & Bakery, Ridgefield Park, NJ
HAIR & MAKE UP | Propaganda Salon and Barber, Hamilton, NJ
DJ | Baseline Productions

Heather & Aaron | Rustic New Jersey Wedding


Heather and Aaron's rustic wedding at The Inn at Millrace Pond, was absolutely dreamy! I loved photographing these two love birds and their gorgeous outdoor wedding! The whole day was filled with so much love and happiness, it was nothing short of contagious!

All of these girls are stunning!!!

...And a 'super' a handsome group of guys! 

Is this not the sweetest first kiss? These two are so adorable and loving!

My kinda girls! ;) Love their spunky take on some fun bridal party photos!

The above is the one photograph specifically requested by Aaron. :)


Venue: The Inn at Millrace Pond
Florist: Peggy Patton | The Flower Mill
Food: Frungillo Caterers
DJ: Baseline Productions
Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai
Decor: Serendipity Wedding Rentals


I think I admire dancers so much, because of my complete and total lack of rhythm! Sure I love to dance and jam out to my favorite songs, but when I have the opportunity to watch a real artist move, it puts the word 'dance' on a whole new spectrum. I absolutely loved this portrait session with Vikki, an incredibly gorgeous and talented dancer! Even though it was crazy hot out, we had so much fun with this session in Montclair, NJ's Brookdale Park. After some headshots, I let Vikki do her thing and dance her heart out. It was amazing to watch the elegance and joy radiate off of her as she danced! :)


I was totally giddy when I saw Bryan's name pop up in my inbox! I had photographed a couple's session with Bryan and his girlfriend Angela over a year ago at Kirby's Mill. (See those photos here.) Bryan was writing because he was going to propose to Angela! Needless to say I was honored that he asked me to document this occasion.  We schemed over text and email for a couple of weeks before he proposed to Angela at the Camden Aquarium - where they had their first date. Of course she said YES! :) Congratulations Angela and Bryan! I am so happy for you two!


While I was visiting my parents over Father's Day weekend, my Dad asked me to take his new headshots for the website of the hospital he works at. Just wanted to share a couple since he's so handsome and the greatest dad in the world!

And then we messed around and he posed for a few wearing my grandfather's old military jacket, just for fun. :)